Genuine Honda Car Parts

Honda has a great reputation for reliability and performance. Are you planning to purchase generic Honda car parts, you may be making a costly mistake.

When it comes to Honda parts, it is easy to find generic and cheaper parts. You may find that

First-time Owner of An Electric Car

How does an Electric Car “Feel”?

First first-time owner of an electric car will need time. It is definitely different from a conventional car.

The first thing you will notice in most electric cars is the lack of a gearbox. The gear lever usually looks

The Best Used Car Dealer

The reputation or status of a used car dealer is the most fundamental factor. It must be taken into consideration before making a deal. It is rather easy to make a business deal with a reputable car dealer that holds a good status in the

Top 5 Things to keep in mind during a test drive

Choosing the right car is a tough decision. You must consider your budget and usage while short listing the car models. One of the most important steps before making the final decision is opting for a test drive of the various models you have short

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are The New Gas Stations

It is becoming a lot easier to to find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The more vehicles and drivers of EV, the more stations there is. It goes hand in hand.

Electrical specialists are now working tirelessly to design and build new recharging stations. These will